Quiet, upon hope’s arrival

When hope arrives, it brings the possibility of failure. Of loss.  But without hope we have no horizon, no place for sunrises or the start of new days.

My life has been opening to hope these last six months, and more light than ever streams through my days.  Yet still I find myself waiting, watching for the next thing that can go wrong.

Is hope ever wrong?  What does false hope actually mean? What is authentic hope? Can authentic hope make me feel truly alive, despite the outcome?  Can I have authentic hope and surrender to whatever outcome arises?

I don’t have the answers yet.  This will be my experiment in the laboratory of life this week.

I offer thanks for the life within me today.  Today, may I be a scientist of my own heart – exploring its many dimensions and reporting my findings to other scientists of the heart.


Dancing with life has kept me from words

Dancing with life has kept me from words these past weeks, it could be a month or more. 

Setting out on the blogging path again this year, I was so determined not to waver.  This time I would be consistent. This time I would write each week.  This time I would be present and fearless.  But yet again, I disappeared into a life without words.  I stopped writing, stopped visiting my favourite blogs. The magic drained away as I was consumed by other things – work, especially.

Returning to my WordPress friends’ blogs today I’ve found so much to renew me and remind me to keep going. And I’m also reminded of the similarities between maintaining a writing practice and a meditation practice…that I simply need to keep returning to these practices no matter how many times I ‘fail’.  The returning itself, with courage and persistence, becomes the practice itself. 

With gratitude for writers and readers everywhere, today I begin again. Blessed be.