Lights on the path

Entering the wounded heart takes courage and vision.  It is something that ultimately we must do on our own.  But the paradox is that we are never truly alone.  Even as we navigate the solitary path shown so clearly in The Moon tarot card, we are surrounded by guidance, love and support.

The Moon

The Moon card, from Phillip Carr-Gomm’s beautiful Druid Craft tarot deck.

I want you to know that there are lights on the path to guide you.

I am on the cusp of my 40th birthday and now, more than ever, I feel the call to work with the path of my heart; this heart that has been broken so many times in this life that it is hard to love again.  But I know I must.

Here are some of the beautiful lights on my path, which I wanted to share with you:


Lama Yeshe

Lama Yeshe : Lama Yeshe… I can’t really begin to explain my connection to him, other than to say that when I saw a picture of him back in the late 1990s, I knew I was loved and that he was showing me the path of my heart, right at a time when I was so lost and in pain and vulnerable.  That picture led me to my current teacher, who has been showing me in person for 15 years what it means to love and be loved and to work with one’s mind. HIs recognised reincarnation is Osel, whose Facebook page you can check out.

Sacred Familiar: Sacred Familiar is the website of Julia Inglis and her partner, Tony. Together they bring amazing magic to this world. Julia is a powerful medicine woman, a daughter of the well who offers a range of supports to people walking along their spiritual path.  Julia and Tony collect water from natural springs and use it in various rituals as a way of reconnecting us to the sacred feminine.  Julia also creates spirit medicine dolls, and offers various blessing ceremonies around Australia. She also sends out a beautiful, free e-newsletter every few days and it always nourishes my wild, creative spirit and reminds me of who I am beyond all the conventionality.

Sheila Foster and the Temple of the Sacred Feminine: I did an international women’s circle with Sheila a few years ago, and she helped me tune into symbolic appearances, and the collective strength of women who sit in circle across the globe. Sheila knows how to hold the space for all kinds of experiences that women bring to the circle.  If you’re not able to connect via a circle, I believe she still offers e-books and audio downloads of her meditations.  She carries powerful medicine.

Baggage Reclaim is the website of Natalie Lue.  She has lived, loved and learnt and now shares her wisdom about dating and relationships.  Natalie is especially adept at showing us what we don’t want to see in relationships that aren’t meeting our needs.  Please, please read her blog.  I wish I had found her work years ago.   Make sure you check out her posts on the guys she calls assclowns – those pernicious dudes (and yes, sometimes dudettes) who don’t want us, but do their darndest to keep us hanging around, wasting months or years of our lives on them.

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