Living on the edge

There is something about the dating process that is forcing me to dig deep and practice pure intention and awareness. This experience is literally forcing me to live with integrity – to be true to my values and my vision. It is showing me who I need to be in order to meet my Beloved.

Because I’ve realised that if I want a conscious relationship, then I need to approach dating with the same attitude of mindfulness and self-responsibility that I aim to live with in ‘the rest of my life.’

But, as you probably know, it’s hard because we’ve all been hurt. At the moment, I’m noticing that when I sense hesitation in the other, I too can shut down out of a habitual wish not to be hurt or rejected.

I feel like I’m living on the edge – walking the gossamer line between hope and fear, between risking it all and holding it all back. Between taking my time and being honest about the depth of connection and possibility I sense with this man I am seeing right now.

I know there are “guidelines” when it comes to dating i.e. don’t over-invest too early. Hang back / play it cool / keep your options open. But I don’t buy those. In fact, I feel rebellious and anarchic because I don’t want to play it cool. I don’t want to hang back in fear, in case this man doesn’t like or accept who I am.

I want to stay committed to being present, real and authentic. Because if I have to hide those qualities in myself in order not to scare someone away, then I have to ask if that person could really be my Beloved? Today I commit to taking a risk with my heart. I risk being seen and heard for who I am. I accept that who I am might not be enough or may be too much for this man I am dancing with right now.

Today I surrender to possibility – the possibility of love, the possibility of loss, and the possibility of being made vulnerable through this shimmering heart connection that is vivid and palpable in moments when our eyes meet or when I breathe him in.

Above all, I surrender to what is right now and I embrace it with my entire being – even though it is confusing, even though I am unsure. I embrace it because I know I must, if I am to grow in my capacity to love and be loved beyond measure.

Blessed be.


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