Dancing with shadow and light

I’ve walked this week in a dance of shadow and light.


Inexplicably unjust, bearing a sentence not reflecting their crime, two lights were extinguished in the world this week.  

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Caught in long shadows of despair when I witness the intense suffering of their mothers, families, and supporters. All I can do to cope with the news of their execution is to return to tong len, the meditation of giving and taking.

And I then return to reflecting on their immense contributions of love and kindness to others in prison alongside them, crafting love and mercy in a world seemingly surrendered to madness.

Others have written more deeply, more movingly of how Andrew and My transformed into loving forces for good inside prison: Their kindnesses to others in prison.  Their fight to abolish the death penalty.

I simply want to say their names, in order to honour their legacy of mind transformation and love. I want to thank them for showing me it is never too late to transform your inner world in order to become a force for good. Most of all, I want to thank them for reminding me that in this world of sorrow, I cannot truly be free until we are all free of suffering.

Today, may I bring more light to the world. Blessed be.


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