Dancers in the wild

Dreamers within the dream, I call to you; I am a solitary wolf howling across time and space.  Who hears this wild cry of longing? Women who draw deep from the well, where are you?  Makers and dancers, return my call – I know you are there.  Dancing naked in the wild self, drinking from the five streams; pure delight, bathed by sun and moon; please bless my skin with your golden breath.

Having called forth dreamers past and present to light this place of terrible solitude today, I write of three wild women who answered the call – artists and magicians who cross impossible ravines to bring back berries, healing stones and unique symbols of the deep. They show me the way back to myself.

Dancer of the canyon

Vali Owl

I believe this photo was taken by Eduardo Frenandez- Cerra

Vali Myers is one of my way-showers.  She’s been around me for at least 20 years, now. I remember seeing her in the city, then in a newspaper, then in the city again.  She was a flame of fascinating originality and rare vitality. I wanted to follow her, but was too shy.  I desperately wanted to visit her studio, but was too afraid. I felt gauche and suburban, rigid and straight. A wearer of clothes from Target and Myer.  The wild in me recognised her and begged me for expression. She held up a mirror and showed me the possible. Only I didn’t know how to grab the cup and drink it.  The wild in my young self needed expression, but for so many reasons, I couldn’t express it in ways that were life affirming.  I was self-destructive; I became isolated, then trapped in a world that was too small for the vast dreams swirling inside me.  I couldn’t find my way back to my deep self. I became stuck in the debris of my surface life.

Vali unfailingly reminds me to know and own who I am; to express myself without shame.  To wear my art woven through my being in the world, and to create the art that only I can create. Here, hold your hands near her flame – there is a book about Vali, called Night Flower, which you can get from Outre Gallery in Melbourne.

Alchemist of found objects

Monica and bird

Earlier this year I saw some of Mike Brodie’s photos for the first time. One of the wild, migratory birds who flew with his flock was Monica Canilao.  I love this photo of her – young, free.

Mike’s images awoke my old dreams of who I could be – one of the tribe of wild outsiders who find truth in the margins. I love this idea of communities built around art and rebellion; self-expression and rejection of consumerist shackles.

Monica’s art has many elements, including reclaiming found objects and breathing magic into them. Visit Monica’s website and view her enchanted works: or her Tumblr site:

The Wild Unknown

This week my heart sister, Julia from Sacred Familiar, posted an image of a tarot deck she will be using during an upcoming workshop on awakening the seer.  I had a moment of immediate recognition – yes – my new tarot guide.  In this way, I discovered the art of Kim Kranz, and the communities of artists and makers all around her. Have a look at The Wild Unknown.  “The Wild Unknown is founded on the belief that there is a place of wonder, gentle beauty, and clarity within each of us.”  I don’t have an image I can share with you, so please visit her site.

Stoking the fire within

Today, may I draw from the endless well of connection between artists and dreamers throughout time and space. May I release this illusion of solitude, and drink from the cup of imagination that is always present in the circle.  May I surrender to the wildest unknown inside me, and fall deep into life’s most nourishing possibilities. May I no longer run from the women or men who inspire me. May I no longer run from myself.


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