Photos, Reflections

Dances with Kronos

Yesterday I was blessed to spend several hours with my infinite heart friend. As we bathed in the pool of ever expanding love, we spoke about spider webs, tree rings, handprints, snail trails; how all that arises in nature is a map of time and ever unfolding change, which we can experience as a guide to understanding the divine within us. These maps point the way, but are not the path itself. The path arises within when we notice the rise and fall of all that is; this allows an opening though which we may begin to touch on what lies beyond the solidity and separateness…in that way, these maps are also portals into the vastness and connectivity within and without.

It reminded me of Kronos, symbolic keeper and marker of time. Son of Earth and Sky, he carries a sickle which he uses to cut a gap between heaven and earth to create a third space of inner magic and profound transformation.

Today, may I cut away all that binds me to the smallest imagination of the self. May I enter the portal of deepest knowing, deepest love and connection. Blessed be.





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