Making time for whimsy

I’m back at work, after a delightful time last week of dreaming, walking, writing and taking photos. On Monday morning it was really hard to put on my diving bell, my lead vest, my professional masks, my oxygen tank – all the banal but necessary accoutrements of a job which leaves me feeling lifeless in deep, dark water – as though real life is happening ‘somewhere else’, perhaps on the surface of a vast sea which catches sunlight with each wave and then throws a billion diamonds into the sky.

I heard about this performance on the radio this morning while I was driving to work… a man and 200 others let go of 10,000 paper planes inside the vast reading dome at the State Library of Victoria.  For him, the planes symbolised ideas and inspiration flying through the air in this space which has fertilised the minds of so many writers and artists before him.

The vision of this artist, a courageous dreamer, spoke to me. I knew I had to watch it before I started work, as a way of keeping the spark alive in my heart during the day.

Please, watch it.  Perhaps we can all float a paper plane in the air whenever we realise once more that the need to make time for whimsy.


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