Photos, Reflections

Facing the waves of fear

Earlier this week I wrote about leaping into life and moving beyond what I know. With beautiful and mysterious synchronicity, where the outside world reflects the inner world, the edge of my known physical world was today submerged by water, with surging tides devouring the entire beach at several points along the bay.

A small pier was swallowed by water; a large marine buoy was ripped from its moorings and thrown onto the shore; my favourite beacon point was engulfed by the bay, which was uncharacteristically acting as though it was the untamed ocean.

The ferocity of the wind frightened me, howling and screeching whilst ripping away any words I tried to speak. Seabirds I’ve never seen before shuddered along the coastline, held aloft in strange patterns. It was otherworldly.

As the storm came, I turned to flee in my car. But I challenged myself to stay, facing down the terrible waves; I waited to see what would happen. After a few minutes, the storm blew past and sunshine fringed the horizon once more.

I drove further along the bay, and descended the cliff to an inlet where I was amazed to find the water full of surfers delighting in the unusually turgid bay waves. At that moment, I realised that what frightens me is not frightening to everyone.  This means it cannot be inherently frightening.  That is a lesson I need to remember every time I want to run away from what scares me.

Wild again after my wanderings.



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