Leaping into the fire of life

This evening is my last as a 39-year-old.

Quite a strong reminder of death, in many ways.  But right now I am challenging myself to consider another perspective – that this last evening of my fourth decade is a reminder of life.  A reminder of how much I want to live and grow and explore and discover and love and be loved again, despite so much pain and heartbreak.

I make a promise to myself tonight – that as of right now I will leap into the blissful fire of life, with courage in the face of fear.

I will direct deep and abiding love towards myself from here on in, with a simple wish for myself to be happy.

I cannot change the past.  At times, I cannot even begin to understand it.  Tonight, I cast my eyes towards the new horizon and set off in this small coracle made of a walnut shell, with a glimpse of spider’s web for a sail.  On the sea of life, once again, I will sail on waves of love and wonder.

Thank you to those of you who have started following my blog in the first week of its maiden voyage.  I feel so blessed to be able to share the musings of my heart with you.


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