Standing at the edge of the known

Maybe we all come to a point, perhaps many times, where we feel that we are at the edge of our known world.

Edge of the known world

It can be scary to stand right at the edge and feel the power of the void beyond what we know, what we have words for, what we can imagine.

I’m at that point right now, and I feel I have to make a choice to boldly step into my new life.  It feels like a leap of faith.

I’m called to remember The Fool in the tarot deck, with legs bare and eyes set high on the horizon just as he steps off the cliff of the known world into the mystery that lies beyond.

Another image for this state is crossing the rubicon, the flowing river at the limits of our inner map, beyond which are wilds filled with endless possibilities which have yet to be called into being.

There are no answers within me at this point, only questions. I’m scared and a little exhilarated at the same time. After almost 15 years without overseas travel, I started my passport application today.  It’s a potent symbol of opening myself up again to possibility.

Have you ever been in a similar place? How did you move beyond fearing the unknown?


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