Working with intention

To be honest, I called this blog Dancing with the Beloved mainly because the domain name for my old blog had been snapped up when I stopped paying attention, literally and metaphorically. It felt like a huge loss to realise that I had let it slip through my fingers.  And yet, it occurred to me that this new blog is part of a new phase for me and so deserved a new name.

I often remind myself that to bring love into daily life, to find joy and magic and wonder in all things, is to dance with the beloved.  The beloved is not some separate entity, some deity ‘out there’.  The beloved permeates you and I and is inseparable from us all.  I believe it is our essential nature.  I understand love has many forms, but at its heart there is a simple openness. From that openness comes a wish for happiness to prevail.  And a deep knowing that love is a choice each of us has the power to make.

When I remember to work with the intention of love each day, something in me shifts and allows for more loving experiences with others.  I’ve noticed this particularly over the last few days. Quite simply, when I am more loving and attuned to love, people respond to me with more love.  Even people I see everyday respond to me differently.  It’s a powerful thing to come to understand.  And yet, so often – through not paying attention – this sense of love eludes me and life becomes less filled with wonder and connection and possibility.

So for today, I commit to working with the intention of love. I will pay attention to all which arises in my day. I will greet it with curiosity and respect.  I will love what is, without any demand for something different.  I greet this day with wonder and awe.

Blessed be.


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