Love is curious, love is playful

Love is curious, seeking to truly know and understand.  I remind myself of that when I start getting uptight about things not meeting my expectations or demands. Or when I feel stuck and unhappy and don’t know what to do.

When we think we know people, we stop noticing how they change and grow and become more of who they are.  The same goes for our relationship with ourselves.

How many of us wake up in our mid-life and wonder how we got here and who the hell we indeed are? When we stop paying attention to subtle change, we can miss so much of who we are becoming and who we can still become.

Love is flexible, being able to dance with what is emerging in us and around us.  I am reminded of a  particular tai chi exercise in which one dances with a ball of chi created from within and without, stretching it and feeling it ebb and flow and pulse with life itself.

Love is playful, singing songs of moment to moment experience.

What does love mean to you?


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